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ACCUFAX is one of the largest providers of background reports to non-profit groups in the nation.  Getting a personalized report prior to attendance is quick and easy, and you can be confident the information you get is complete, compliant, and accurate.

There are a few options available for screening missionaries.     

Mission organizations can set up an account wherein their applicants can pay for their own report up front and completed results are provided for future reference.   And Missions also have the option to pay for the reports on behalf of their applicants. 

For larger organizations, ACCUFAX can support streamlining processes by providing a customized background screening link that can be embedded into a web site or into on-line application process.       

For individual missionaries, Accufax offers a personalized camp report that can be purchased up front and obtained in a .pdf file format.   Notification is sent to the applicant over a secure platform where they can access results and view/print in a .pdf form and it can by sent to the camp of their choice using the  MY-Mission-Report service.    

ACCUFAX is FCRA Certified through NAPBS (National Association of Private Background Screeners) and our services & products are fully compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), ADA and Civil Rights Act.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines,  organizations have certain legal responsibilities and are also governed by other Federal laws such as the EEOC, and State regulations, regardless of the source of the information.  As a member and/or applicant, you are assured we will keep up to date on regulations and laws that may affect you.

Accufax is not a law firm and we don't give legal advice, but we keep current with the regulations and changes in laws affecting background screening on volunteers, employees, & all applicants for our benefit and for yours!

For more specific information on  products & pricing, please email us today at pricing@accufax-us.com

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If you are planning to participate in a mission that requires a preliminary background screening, you can get started using  MY-Mission-Report service today.


If you are planning to participate in an upcoming YWAM program, we can complete the background screening process on your behalf & send results directly to your YWAM facility. 

To get started, click the link to our secure portal YWAM Attendee and include your full name and reference the program/location you will be attending.   Once research has been completed, we will notify your YWAM contact so that they can login to our secure site and retrieve reporting results.

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