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When it comes to background checks, it can be challenging to make an apples-to- apples comparison of service offerings.   And unfortunately, it is hard to know what a prospective service provider could be missing…   

Many companies use 'instant' reporting and tap into a single data base to provide an inferior report.   There is no single source that provides comprehensive access to all criminal information.  

Accufax is unique in that we provide hands-on research for every applicant.   All of our Customer Service Representatives have been with us from 15-18 years and are experts in not only knowing where to do the research, but they also know what to look for in that process.   Criminal records and the process to obtain detailed criminal information can vary state by state and county by county.  

Accufax provides an independent verification of all addresses and alias names which have been associated with your applicant.   From there, we run a Nationwide Search of Criminal Records at the County level, a National Sex Offender Search, a Wanted Fugitive Search and tap into several resources to obtain this information.    We want to ensure that you are aware of your applicant’s residential history and alias names; and we also look for any deviations in the date of birth or social security number.  

Applicants with a criminal record many times transpose their social security number and/or date of birth – but Accufax looks for variations in all of this data.  Prospective companies that choose to do business with companies that do ‘instant’ searches will miss valuable information if they do not have the proper date of birth or social security number because records based on this essential information cannot be identified.  

As part of our standard screening process, Accufax disseminates all information - meaning we will validate each and every record to make sure it is actually your applicant prior to reporting the information.   Companies that use ‘instant’ searches will many times report all offenses by name without going through this validation process.  

Lower priced products that are offered for what appears to be a similar service generally only cover an 'instant' report with no validation process - meaning your service would not include the hands-on research, or back-end validation which is essential in the background screening process.    

Accufax will not charge you for duplicate reports when an alias name search is required, and we do not have any up-front fees, subscription fees, or recurring costs that could offset prospective savings.  

When you make an apples-to-apples comparison of what is included in the Essential Elements Screening, we are confident that there is no other service provider in the industry that can provide the quality of service and depth of screening that is available through us at the lowest possible cost.