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ACCUFAX differentiates its self from other employment screening companies by overseeing all aspects of Information processing and reporting.  Our field information service employees, in-house managers, customer service representatives, member support staff, and automated technology, streamline report processing and delivery.  You and your company receive personal attention, quality background information and prompt delivery of reports with the lowest possible cost.

ACCUFAX has been providing clients with reliable and accurate background screening services for more than thirty years.  We service a wide variety of clients and industries throughout the nation.

ACCUFAX has fully automated access to many public court records, consumer credit profiles and other valuable, proprietary information sources.  Our strategic alliance with the FBI in 1989 has been an invaluable tool for revealing national wanted fugitives and missing persons.

ACCUFAX generates tens of thousands of reports per year for more than 2,000 clients throughout the  United States.

One of the unique qualities of ACCUFAX, is our Errors & Omissions Insurance, which is essential to protecting the interests of all parties when screening potential tenants, employees, students or volunteers.

In an ever-changing business environment, ACCUFAX’s anticipation of your needs and our dedication and responsiveness remain constant.

We pledge to provide unparalleled Customer Service.  We are dedicated to providing the products and services that best meet your needs and each ACCUFAX employee is responsible for doing whatever it takes to make your experience with us, the benchmark of excellence by which you measure all other vendors.

Thank you for trusting us with your background screening needs.

Barb Hauxwell


A Letter from the President of Accufax