EST. 1982

Accufax provides hands-on personal attention and responsiveness to customer needs, while continuing to set the industry standards for expertise and professionalism.

Our extensive knowledge of Federal and State court systems, and background screening sources, combined with our comprehensive resources, processes and strict attention to detail ensures you and your employees are safe and protected.

Our dedicated and experienced team collects and interprets criminal records from numerous proprietary sources and court systems throughout the United States.  So instead of handing you an undecipherable list of information, we provide a clear, concise report.  Our team disseminates the complex data we acquire and provides you with a report that makes your hiring decisions simple and clear. 

ACCUFAX is the most thorough provider of volunteer and employee background checks in the nation, and is widely respected and universally recognized for the quality and reliability of the information we provide to the business, scholastic and religious communities we serve.